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Atelier Holgur is pleased to present the Frømand, a divers’ watch that is equally at home complementing a lounge suit or jeans as it is underwater. It proffers versatility, functionality and a notable degree of style. The name, Danish for ‘frogman’, celebrates the military divers of yesteryear, however, the design language is contemporary, ideally suited to the here and now.

5 June 2024

Silver Tide

The Silver Tide takes inspiration from night dives where the moonlight reflects off the surface of the water, giving a silver glow that fades to black. The dial effortlessly showcases a dark silver sunburst effect, with a fumée gradient around the edges, merging stealthy luxury with contrast and uniformity within the titanium case.

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18 October 2023

Ocean Emerald and Red Coral

Inspired by the fauna and flora inhabiting the world’s oceans, much loved by scuba divers around the globe, these latest models are offered in a choice of two dial hues, ‘Fire Coral’ and ‘Ocean Emerald’.

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26 October 2022

The Frømand

Designed with integrated strap bars, the Frømand will stay strapped to your wrist no matter what is thrown at it. Paired with its duo of included straps, the Frømand can be enjoyed in casual settings, or in more demanding environments.

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25 aug 2023 - "Pietro and Johnny talk with Atelier Holgur co-founder Asbjørn Simonen-Andersen to discover the story behind a small company dedicated to creating luxury sports watches, with an eye on the state of our planet and her oceans"

8 may 2023 - "... I can absolutely envision 100 Frømand fans lining up for their allocation, particularly if they get a chance to try it on first. There’s a harmony between the case and strap options that really works on the wrist. It’s a watch with an undeniable presence – a true conversation piece – that’s also incredibly easy to wear."

25 apr 2023 - "... and yeah you flip it over and boom there's a Schwarz Etienne movement... modern, kind of aggressive dramatic, light weight,,.. I was think it would cost closer to 20,000.."

30 apr 2023 - "This watch shouldn't be possible.. Frømand is equipped with Schwarz Etienne's caliber ASE 200, a hand-made mechanical movement that in a certain sense is equivalent to putting a finely tuned Rolls Royce engine in a four-wheel drive."

19 dec 2022 - "Welcome a stylish dive watch from the new brand with a lot of promise,.. The overall feeling the Atelier Holgur Frømand evokes is of a fresh approach."

18 dec 2022 - "While it bears the hallmarks of a dive watch, the design is strikingly modern, and very attractive"

7 dec 2022 - " Where bonkers hypercar design meets watchmaking tradition and flawless functionality,.. The movement is not merely beautiful, but like the rest of the watch, its beauty lays upon a foundation of functional proficiency."

2 nov 2022 - "When seemingly every press release is trying to convince you that this new diver is the tool watch for a new generation of watch lovers, it’s refreshing when Atelier Holgur wants you to know that they were just trying to make the coolest looking diver they could in the most high quality way possible. ..."

27 oct 2022 - "The Frømand delivers the essential requirements for a divers’ watch... However, it is the attention to detail, the quality of the materials employed, the versatility of the watch and its impressive movement that differentiates this watch from most of its contemporaries..."

26 oct 2022 - "If you're looking for a sauve elegant divewatch, look no further.."

26 oct 2022 - "The BEST Diver Watch of 2022?! A New Player Just Entered The Watch Game.."

26 oct 2022 - "The excitement of seeing a watch that is not a derivative take on a classical dive watch makes for a great first release of this new Singapore-based brand..."

Watches for exploration and conservation

Atelier Holgur firmly believes that businesses must play an active role in protecting our planet. Our vision is to support exploration and conservation projects in Asia-Pacific and around the world.