A tribute to the past

A tribute to the past

Atelier Holgur pays tribute to Co-Founder Asbjørn's great-grandfather and grandfather, who started a family history in watchmaking dating back to the late 1890s.

Holger took over the shop in the 1950s from his father, located in northern Denmark, until the late 1980s with a meticulous focus on quality and customer service. He was a true gentleman and very much liked and respected in the community.

The store in Aars (Denmark) where it all started - ca. 1896

In his earliest memories, Asbjørn still recalls visiting his grandfather's workshop filled with mechanical watches and intricate tools strewn across the workbenches and shelves. Asbjørn never knew if he would delve into the world of horology himself, but he has always had fond memories of his grandfather and the time spent together tinkering with mechanical objects.

Apart from the tribute to his name, we hope to bring his level of dedication to detail, immaculate sense of quality and customer service with us to Atelier Holgur.

Holger in front of the refurbished store - ca. 1960s