An empathy for marine life

An empathy for marine life

Atelier Holgur’s founders, Matthew de Bakker and Asbjørn Simonen-Andersen care deeply about conservation and, in particular, marine life. A passionate diver, Matt has seen both colourful sub-aquatic wonders, as well as the damage and pollution that continues to erode our ocean. This has driven Matt to pursue personal endeavours such as volunteering for beach and scuba dive cleanups on a regular basis. 

Co-founder Matthew de Bakker films an abandoned fish trap in Singapore waters that is being prepared for removal by a dive cleanup crew. 

Understanding the importance and fragility of our ocean, Atelier Holgur was not only made to create watches, it was also born to play a role in protecting the planet through the support of ocean conservation projects.

We care passionately about the products we make in terms of design, quality and performance. However, we equally care about the impact of our actions on the planet as we believe all businesses must play an active role in doing good.

Quite simply, we envisage a world where commerce and the environment can happily co-exist.